Welcome to the Mindful Morning Club

I'm so happy you're here. You've taken the first big step to setting yourself up for a year of mindful mornings and I designed this collection to be your companion along the way. Whether you choose the Mindful Morning Digital Planner, Daily Planning Pages or Affirmations Poster, my hope is that these products will help you create a morning routine that you genuinely look forward to and that will be filled with moments of self-care, nourishment for your mind and body, and plenty of introspection.

With love, Melanie

2023 Planner Testimonials

"This planner has been the single most positive thing I’ve done for my health in the last five years. I did not have a morning routine before, and I didn’t consistently do daily movement... I have noticed that it’s easier for me to be active with friends, I’ve increased my water & vitamin intake, I have been more grateful for my days, and even my doctor has (unprompted) noticed the parts of my routine I added." ~ Jackie

"This Mindful Morning Planner has changed my life for the better!! I alway start my day off on the right foot... The check boxes and fill-in circles always make me feel accomplished. Not to mention the packaging is so cute and I got a sweet handwritten note from the owner. This is my favorite planner yet!" ~ Linda

"This planner is so beautiful! It helps me have more meaningful mornings and planned out days. There are so many good prompts and I love how it’s laid out. I can’t wait for 2024 to continue the planner journey!" ~ Kaity

"The best planner I own so far! Helps keep me organized and grounded on days I needed it the most." ~ Tien